Asia Wine Trophy

The gateway to the wine market in Asia

Largest Wine Competition in Asia

With over 4,000 submitted wines, the Asia Wine Trophy is the most important wine competition in Asia. Judges from all the main importing countries of Asia are present, who term every year the quality and implementation unmatched in Asia. Hence the interest in Asia is growing more and more.

The Asia Wine Trophy is already one of the biggest OIV competitions in the world and the largest OIV competition in Asia. Every year about 30 media representatives of the most important trade media in Asia are present in addition to the 130 judges from around the world, to get a personal picture of the Asia Wine Trophy. The media representatives present all share the assessment of judges and are impressed by the perfection with which the Asia Wine Trophy is organised.

This and the desire of the judges present from Asia as well as many professional visitors of the Daejeon Wine & Spirits Fair decided that DWM, in cooperation with the City of Daejeon and other official partners, in the future will continue organising the International Asia Wine Week for professional visitors exclusively.

After the tastings of the Asia Wine Trophy held in the morning, to which only the invited judges have access, the International Asia Wine Week will start at 13:00 in DCC (Daejeon Congress Center). Only professional visitors will be allowed to take part in this event, which will be held over 5 days.

Beside the large tasting area in which the submitted wines of the Asia Wine Trophy can be tasted by the professional visitors, the Asia Buyers Conference will be taking place. In over 15 different seminar rooms, the judges and external professional visitors will be offered with presentations, seminars, market analyses and other information sessions.

In addition to this, companies, associations, wine regions and other professional organisations will have the opportunity to present themselves at a booth in the areas of the Buyers Conference. In addition to wine, an area is also planned for spirits and delicatessen.

To combine an event in this sense is unique and will create a sensation in the Asian market and attract many visitors from all over Asia to Daejeon.

The only disadvantage of the event: The judges who have travelled from all over the world as well as many visitors from Asia will hardly have time to enjoy the beauty of Korea during the Asia Wine Week.

Award-winning wines are at an advantage in the Asian market. Special attention is paid to the award here. A competition such as the Asia Wine Trophy, which is under the control of the OIV and UIOE, whose international judges enjoy the highest reputation, will open the door for your marketing to the biggest market of the future: Asia.

Under the patronage of the OIV and this year for the first time the World Association of Winemakers as well, the Asia Wine Trophy is the most strictly controlled award in Asia.

About 4,000 samples will be assessed objectively by the judges to receive one of the coveted medals. Among the judges are the major importers of Asia as well as many other decision and opinion leaders in Asia.  

In addition to the name change, further measures were taken to strengthen the visibility of your award-winning wines in the Asian market:

  • A roadshow with the winning wines through 8 Asian cities
    After the Asia Wine Trophy, a road show was held by the DWM through eight Asian cities. In cooperation with each resident importer, a situation is created in which the wines can be ordered in the presentation. All work with regard to shipping and customs will be supervised and organised by the DWM.
  • Special prizes
    Alongside the Trophies in Berlin and Porto, special prizes will also be awarded in Asia. Winning a special price is always a guarantee for better marketing.
  • Consideration in the Golden League
    The medals won at the Asia Wine Trophy are assessed with the Golden Leaque evaluation, just like the medals from Berlin and Porto. The winners of the Golden Leaque receive highly valuable prizes. More about the Golden League

The Asia Wine Trophy is your opportunity to introduce your products to the Asian market. Award-winning wines are especially popular in the Asian market.

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Strong offer, strong presence, strong sales

The Asia Wine Trophy offers you an easy and affordable way to participate with central shipping. All samples for the Asia Wine Trophy must be sent by the participants to Berlin only. From there they will be transported together to Korea by the organiser without additional shipping and customs charges.

Excellent media coverage with medals

The strong media presence at the Asia Wine Trophy ensures increased awareness of award-winning wines in Asia. Another plus: In Asia especially, consumer buying behaviour is positively influenced by medals. The newly awarded wines can be presented to the public immediately after the trophy at the Daejeon International Food & Wine and sold there directly.

An unbeatable offer

Our all-inclusive package offers you a unique opportunity to take the first step into the Asian market, combining the benefits of trophy participation with presence at the largest culinary fair in Asia. 

The following services are included:

  • Fees for 10 wines at the Asia Wine Trophy
  • 6 m² stand at the Food & Wine Festival with assistance and stand equipment
  • Interpreters on site
  • Translation of your product list
  • Single room in a local hotel 


Your price: €1,750.00 (plus VAT)

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You can easily register for the Asia Wine Trophy: Fill out our online form in a few steps and send it directly to us. We will take care of everything else.

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Die Wein-Trophy zu Asiens Genussgipfel Nr. 1

Das jährlich stattfindende Daejeon International Food & Wine Festival ist mit rund 500.000 Besuchern das kulinarische Highlight in Korea. Die Asia Wine Trophy findet kurz vor dieser größten Genussmesse Asiens am gleichen Ort statt, im Daejeon Convention Center (DCC).

Seit 2008 ist das hochmoderne Gebäude dicht beim EXPO Science Park mit seinen 24 bestens ausgestatteten Seminarräumen und Messehallen der Treffpunkt für die wichtigsten koreanischen Industriezweige. Das Herz des nahezu 30.000 qm umfassenden Messekomplexes bildet der Saal des DCC, in dem bis zu 2.500 Menschen Platz finden. Hier erfolgt während der Eröffnungsgala des Festivals auch die feierliche Prämierung der Siegerweine.


Largest Wine Competition in Asia

In Sum

18th to 21st August 2019

Daejeon Convention Center,
Daejeon/South Corea


Fee per Wine:
135 € (plus VAT)

+49 - (0)30 - 4303 7300

Registration deadline:
2nd August 2019

Shipping deadline

21st June 2019

Sending the samples to Berlin

Sending the samples by air freight to Korea and all customs matters will be undertaken and paid for by the DWM.


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