The International Union of Oenologists (UIOE)

The highest quality guaranteed by the scientists of the wine world

Patronage of the utmost importance

The International Union of Oenologists (UIOE), together with the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), has assumed the patronage of all the Trophies of German Wine Marketing (DWM). We are pleased to have a patron of such high class on our side – the highest quality guaranteed by the highest authority.

The advocacy of wine experts

The UIOE, short for International Union of Œnologues, combines a variety of national professional associations relating to viticulture and vinification. The highly esteemed association is thus the voice of the most important oenological associations around the world. The UIOE is dedicated to promoting and protecting both the professional and economic interests of oenologists and related professions – and of course to represent the interests of its members. The UIOE speaks on behalf of over 20 000 professionals from more than 12 000 establishments.

Trophies serving the global wine culture

The patronage of the UIOE will ensure that every one of our Trophies, from the Berlin Wine Trophy to the Asia Spirit Trophy, corresponds the high standards of quality of the union of oenologists. This means that each of our tasting competitions serves and promotes the interest of worldwide wine culture, thus contributing to its further development and quality assurance.

From Paris to the affiliated regional associations

The registered association was founded in 1965 by winemaker Gabriel Humeau and has its headquarters in Paris. The regional associations of the UIOE in the German-speaking countries are the “Association of German Oenologists”, the “Association of Austrian Oenologists and Wine Researchers”, and the “National Association of Oenologists of Switzerland”.

True wine connoisseur: the oenologist

The term oenology is derived from the ancient Greek word “oînos” for wine. Those who study the entire process of wine production from the wine presses to maturation are known as wine scientists or oenologists.

Oenologists work in all areas of wine production, from the development of winery equipment to the analysis and marketing of the products. The majority of all oenologists (70%) come from the European Union. More than one third of all oenologists are employed in senior positions and are thus deciding forces in the wine industry. Another 10% are freelancers, and all the rest hold other positions.

The world´s most important wine competitions

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