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A renowned organiser and renowned patronage

As the organiser of the Berlin, Asia and Portugal Wine Trophy, the Deutsche Wein Marketing (DWM) guarantees that without exception, the samples submitted will be judged by an independent and international jury of experts according to the guidelines of the OIV.

The prestigious competition is held under the auspices of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) and the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE).

Two notable patrons: OIV and UIOE

The OIV ensures that all competitions around the world are conducted according to the international standards of tasting. Four criteria must be med: appearance, bouquet, taste, and overall harmony.

The UIOE, short for International Union of Œnologues, represents many national professional associations in the fields of viticulture and vinification, thus encompassing over 20 000 professionals from over 12 000 establishments.

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