Golden League

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The Golden League is the premier class of wine producers. The one to win this highlight of the DWM competition undoubtedly ranks among the world's most successful wine producers. For you, this means: With a Golden League winner, you hold the unofficial world cup of the wine industry in your hands – and are guaranteed to enjoy outstanding wines.

Welcome to the premier class!

In the highly remunerated Golden League, the winners of all DWM trophies from a calendar year enter compete against each other in the search for the best of the best. Instead of another tasting competition, a medal table is prepared (like at the Olympic Games) – the overall medal table of all DWM Trophies.

Here, all silver, gold, and premium gold medals of all DWM trophies of a calendar year are tallied for each entrant. The one to achieve the most medals at both Berlin Wine Trophies, the Portugal Wine Trophy and the Asia Wine Trophy wins the league of the top producers.

Medal award according to OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) guidelines

The medals of the Golden League Awards are world-renowned, which can be trusted when purchasing wine. Through the patronage of the OIV, a fair and carefully controlled competition is guaranteed. The result: award-winning wine with nuances that are worth discovering.

A renowned organiser and renowned patronage

As the organiser of the Golden League, the German Wine Marketing (DWM) guarantees that without exception, the samples submitted will be judged by an independent and international jury of experts according to the guidelines of the OIV.

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