The magazine round wine and enjoyment

DiVin, the magazine with a focus on wine, is designed as a free booklet for high-class, particular hotels as well as lifestyle locations (golf clubs, etc.).

DiVin is a magazine for wine lovers and connoisseurs. In each edition we introduce wineries, and tell exciting and informative stories about wine and enjoying it. We present restaurants and culinary highlights, including the corresponding choices of wine and tips from top sommeliers. There are lifestyle topics and event tips.

Of particular note for DiVin is its partnership with Deutsche Wein Marketing (German Wine Marketing) which has been setting the standard in the wine industry for over 20 years. Deutsche Wein Marketing is the global market leader with four annual wine competitions and stands an integral guarantee of quality in the international wine industry.

DiVin is a magazine to be kept. Through this magazine, you receive a well-founded wine guide, packed with knowledge and tips.