Portugal Wine Trophy

A great performance in the country of port wine

Portugal Wine Trophy 2016

The third edition with many additional benefits

The Portugal Wine Trophy took place for the first time in 2014. In Porto more than 50 jury members from Portugal and many other countries came to taste and evaluate the surprising number of over 1,000 different samples from all around the wolrd. Thus, right from the start, the Portugal Wine Trophy was one of the biggest competitions in the country. In 2015, the Portugal Wine Trophy was also playing a prominent role in the international ranking of wine competitions. From the almost 1,300 tasted wines, 385 were awarded. In addition to the advantages already known, which offered an award to the submitter, we have increased the benefits of the Portugal Wine Trophy this year, now with further innovations:

  • Combined participation in the Asia Wine Trophy at no additional cost
  • Presentation of the winning wines at the Asia Wine Business Week at no additional cost
  • Participation in the Golden League of all Trophies

Portugal Wine Trophy and Asia Wine Trophy: 2 Trophies for 1 fee

Combined participation in the Portugal Wine Trophy and Asia Wine Trophy at no additional cost

Thanks to co-working with the city of Daejeon in Corea, all the wines submitted to the Portugal Wine Trophy can be registered also for the Asia Wine Trophy for free. Not only is the registration fee waived, the shipping costs from Berlin / Porto to Corea, customs fees and all other costs incurred are paid for by the DWM in cooperation with the city of Daejeon.

When enrolling for the Portugal Wine Trophy simply click the button for participation in Asia Wine Trophy and without much effort your wine / sparkling wine is automatically registered for both competitions.

An additional 6 bottles of the registered products will be required for tasting in Asia wich you can send to DWM in Berlin either together with the samples for Portugal or at a later date.

Products enrolled for the Asia Wine Trophy that receive an award, will of course count towards the results of the Golden League.

Presentation of the awarded wines at the Asia Wine Business Week

At the end of October the DWM in cooperation with the City of Daejeon will hold Asia Wine Business Week in South Corea organised under the leadership of our Asia Director, Chan Jun Park. In addition to the Asia Wine Trophy, the Asia Wine Buyers Conference wich was developed by Mr. Chan Jun Park, will take place every day. During 5 days more than 100 different seminars / presentations / performances and lectures on the international wine market will be given by many professionals from all around the world. The winning wines of different Trophies from the last years will be presented during this Asia Wine Buyers Conference. There are two ways available to do this: 

  • Presentation in the Tasting Area with the possibility of presenting everything about the wine / producer / importer, etc. In the ``app´´ created for the Trophy with a direct link to their own website. This presentation is free of charge.
  • Presentation with physical presence on a stand. All further details about this will be released in the coming days.

About 5,000 trade visitors from Asia are expected during the Asia Wine Buyers Conference.

Golden League

The most highly valuable international wine contest

The results for the Portugal Wine Trophy will, of course, be considered for the Golden League. The Golden League is the competition in wich the results of the various Tophies are brought together to honour the best producers at the end of the year. In order to ensure a level playing field for individual businesses prices are set according to the size of individual companies (hectare dependent).

The exact guidelines of the Golden League that is automatically organized as an additional competition to the different Wine Trophies and the various award categories and the prizes awarded for this can be found in the Golden League area.

Strict criteria, esteemed medals

According to the guidelines of the OIV, the wines are divided into subgroups and awarded at the Portugal Wine Trophy - which guarantees a fair evaluation of all submitted samples. This is a clear marketing advantage for manufacturers and distributors because awards are an ever stronger selling point for consumers.

Medals & results

The world's most important wine competitions

In Sum

5th to 8th May 2016

Anadia, Bairrada

OIV, UIOE, VinoFed

Fee per Wine:
135,– € (plus VAT)

+49 - (0)30 - 4303 7300

Registration and shipping deadline (Bairrada):
29th April 2016

from June 2016

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