The Berliner Wein Trophy

The world's largest OIV competition

Berliner Wein Trophy 2019

In 2018, the Berliner Wein Trophy has set once again new standards with over 13,100 wine samples submitted. Due to the limited contingent of places, many submissions could not be accepted by the end of the registration period. But even in 2019, the limit will remain in place.

Therefore, the applicants should not wait until the last moment but submit their samples as soon as possible. As a new service, the DWM has introduced the option of binding reservation. So if you are not able to submit the application on time due to the Christmas sales, you can pre-book a place for your products in advance.

In addition to the option of reservation, the Berliner Wein Trophy has to offer further different features and innovations:

Berliner Wein Trophy and Asia Wine Trophy: 2 Trophies for 1 fee

Combined participation in the Berlin Wine Trophy and Asia Wine Trophy at no additional cost

Thanks to co-working with the city of Daejeon in Corea, all the wines submitted to the Berlin Wine Trophy can be registered also for the Asia Wine Trophy for free. Not only is the registration fee waived, the shipping costs from Berlin to Corea, customs fees and all other costs incurred are paid for by the DWM in cooperation with the city of Daejeon.

When enrolling for the Berlin Wine Trophy simply click the "offer button" for participation in Asia Wine Trophy and without much effort your wine / sparkling wine is automatically registered for both competitions.

An additional 6 bottles of the registered products will be required for tasting in Asia wich you can send to DWM in Berlin either together with the samples for BWT or at a later date.

Products enrolled for the Asia Wine Trophy that receive an award, will of course count towards the results of the Golden League.

Presentation of the awarded wines at the Asia Wine Business Week

At the end of August, the DWM in cooperation with the City of Daejeon will hold Asia Wine Business Week in South Corea organised under the leadership of our Asia Director, Chan Jun Park. In addition to the Asia Wine Trophy, the Asia Wine Buyers Conference wich was developed by Mr. Chan Jun Park, will take place every day. During 5 days more than 100 different seminars / presentations / performances and lectures on the international wine market will be given by many professionals from all around the world. The winning wines of different Trophies from the last years will be presented during this Asia Wine Buyers Conference. About 5,000 trade visitors from Asia are expected during the Asia Wine Buyers Conference.

Golden League

The most highly valuable international wine contest

The results for the Portugal Wine Trophy will, of course, be considered for the Golden League. The Golden League is the competition in wich the results of the various Tophies are brought together to honour the best producers at the end of the year. In order to ensure a level playing field for individual businesses prices are set according to the size of individual companies (hectare dependent).

The exact guidelines of the Golden League that is automatically organized as an additional competition to the different Wine Trophies and the various award categories and the prizes awarded for this can be found in the Golden League area.

Edmund Diesler, as Vice-President of the International Union of Œnologists and thus the official representative of UIOE, took part in 2016 for the first time in an official capacity at the Trophy and was impressed by the professionalism of the organisation and execution of the event.

Due to the restrictive OIV guidelines, only 30% of the products submitted could be awarded with a medal. The high quality of the wines submitted - the average price of the samples is now €13.80 - meant that only the best of the wines that received enough points for a silver medal were awarded with a medal. According to the official criteria, the wines with the following scores received a medal: 

  • Grand Gold       92,00  -  100
  • Gold                    85,00  -  91,99
  • Silver                  82,00  -   84,99

This summer, the samples submitted had to be awarded over 83 points to receive a silver medal. The scores of many of the wines awarded with silver are therefore just below gold.

The restriction of the OIV to 30% promotes quality of thinking and shows the consumer that a Berlin Wine Trophy medal - or any other under the patronage of the OIV award - is a real honour.

Congratulations to all the winners

The highest award with fair fees

The opportunity to win one of the most coveted medals increases with each wine submitted. For you, as producers, we have introduced a per hectare fee - to maximise your benefits. This means: when you submit your wines, there is a maximum limit for fees. This gives you the chance to reduce your fee for each wine.

Increase sales with award-winning wines

According to the guidelines of the OIV, the wines are divided into subgroups and awarded at the Berlin Wine Trophy - which guarantees a fair evaluation of all submitted samples. At the event in July, wines from the new vintage can be tasted and awarded right away. This is a clear marketing advantage for manufacturers and distributors because awards are an ever stronger selling point for consumers.

Get your products to the Berliner Wein Trophy with a few clicks

It is easy to register for the Berliner Wein Trophy: Fill out our online form in a few steps and send it directly to us. We will take care of everything else.

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An exclusive venue for an exclusive competition

The Berliner Wein Trophy has been held for years in the BEST WESTERN Hotel am Borsigturm because a fine competition calls for a fine venue with high culinary skills. Even the architecture of the well-equipped building in the north of Berlin is a masterpiece. The hotel am Borsigturm is close to idyllic Lake Tegler, is close to public transportation, and guarantees the best competition conditions.

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In Sum

21st to 24th February 2019

Hotel am Borsigturm,
Berlin, Germany

OIV, UIOE, VinoFed

Fee per Wine:
135,– € (plus VAT.)

Registration deadline:
23th January 2019

Shipping deadline:
25th January 2019

March 2019

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