Golden League

The League of wine Champions

Welcome to the premier class!

In the highly remunerated Golden League, the winners of all DWM trophies from a calendar year enter compete against each other in the search for the best of the best. Instead of another tasting competition, a medal table is prepared (like at the Olympic Games) – the overall medal table of all DWM Trophies.

Here, all Silver, Gold, and Grand Gold medals of all DWM trophies of a calendar year are tallied for each entrant. The one to achieve the most medals at both Berlin Wine Trophies, the Portugal Wine Trophy and the Asia Wine Trophy wins the league of the top producers.

Golden League - The highest endowed wine award worldwide, with over €250.000,00

With the Golden League, DWM 2014 has introduced an additional award for the submitters of the various trophies, which is only reserved to the producers. In order to offer opportunities to the smaller producers to position themselves in addition to the big players based on their quality, different categories have been introduced here that were formed on the basis of the company size. Companies that buy additional quantities of wine or grapes and market them under their own label are classified according to the total amount produced. This leads to an objective comparison of each company with other companies of its size.

Not much emphasis was laid on the Golden League by DWM in the first year of its existence leading to a response from the participants, and therefore, it is expected to be significantly upgraded every year.

Details of the Golden League:

The categories

Overall prizes will be given in 17 different categories

o   There will be a category each for producers with the company sizes up to 10, up to 20, up to 30, up to 40, up to 50, up to 100, up to 250, up to 500 and over 500 hectars.

o   There will also be a category for cooperatives up to 500 and over 500 hectars.

o   For sparkling wine producers (incl. champagne), there will be a category each for up to 25, up to 50 and over 50 hectars.

o   Generally for port wine producers

o   Generally for Madeira producers

o   Generally for Sherry producers

The division into these 17 categories is the best way for ensuring an objective classification in our view. 

The reviews

All the products awarded at the trophies will be considered in the reviews. For the different medals, a score has been set. The addition of the individual scores ??and individual trophies contributes to the total score for each company at the end of the year. Only the 3 best companies in each category will be published to avoid any negative publicity. Of course, the individual companies can publish their score independently.

Points per medal

o   Large gold medal -> 10 points

o   Gold medal -> 5 points

o   Silver medal -> 3 points

Special feature of silver medals is that in this review, all products will be considered in addition to the officially awarded silver medals, which have received the required number of points for a silver medal, but could not receive a medal due to the OIV rule (only 30% may be awarded). (Always marked with Category IV in our system)

The prizes

The winner of each category will receive:

1. Wine Fair Berlin - Germany's largest consumer fair for wine with 46,000 visitors

o   8 sqm booth incl. booth construction, services and all costs incurred at the fair

o   2 pages of presentation in the brochure of the Berlin Wine Fair - circulation: 20,000

o   4 nights in 4 star plus hotel at Borsigturm Berlin during the Wine Fair

2. International Asia Wine Week

o   6 sqm booth at the Asia Wine Week in Daejeon Korea

o   Presentation opportunity in the tasting area for award-winning wines

o   Opportunity to hold a seminar / presentation of wines during the Asia Buyers Conference

o   If you have the necessary qualification, you can also participate as a judge at the Asia Wine Trophy

o   Shipping cost coverage for the wines / booth material (sea freight) to Korea - up to 500 kg

o   Allowance for flight expenses up to € 1,000.00

o   6 nights in a 4 star hotel for 2 persons in Daejeon

3. Internet presentation

On the website of DWM, each winner from a particular category will have the opportunity of a presentation in a separate area.

Value of each winning: € 14,000.00

Total value of all winnings: € 280,000.00

The world´s most important wine competitions

Trophies 2019

Berliner Wein Trophy  
Winter Tasting:

21st to 24th February 2019

Portugal Wine Trophy:
25th to 28th April 2019

Berliner Wein Trophy  
Summer Tasting:
25th to 28th July 2019

Asia Wine Trophy:
August 2019

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