Frequently asked questions

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+ Who can submit wines to DWM Trophies?

Anyone related to the wine scene, either wine producers, importers, distributors, suppliers, etc. You can also submit wines on behalf of another company (see sub-account below).

+ How do I create an account to register my wines?

It's quite simple, just go to and click on "Register here". Fill in all the obligatory fields and accept our Terms and Conditions. Before you can start submitting your wines, we must accept your request. You can download our Registration Instructions, where we have summarised the main steps.

+ What information is required to create a user account?

Just basics: company name, contact person, telephone, email, etc. All information submitted is used for contact purposes only and is never distributed outside of this organization.

+ What if I already have an account?

Perfect! Just login at and start registering your wines. You can download our Registration Instructions, where we have summarised the main steps.

+ What if I forgot my password?

No worries. Click on "Forgot password?" and follow instructions. In a few minutes you will have received an email to reset your access information. If you still have problems, you can also contact us at 

+ My account is blocked, what should I do?

Please contact us at, you probably have another activated account (double account) or maybe an unpaid invoice.

+ Do I necessarily need an account to participate?

We highly recommend to have a user account because it provides a lot of advantages like:

  • register, correct or delete your wines whenever you want
  • have a better overview of your wines for all our different contests
  • print the "sample pass" easily
  • check the results after the contests, before they are openly published
  • download a premiliminary version of the diplomas of your awarded wines
  • order medals directly for your awarded wines

+ I have filled incorrect information / the information is no longer valid. Can I edit my profile?

Of course! Login and click on "My profile" on the left side panel to edit anything you need. In fact, it's very important for us that your information is up to date as we need to send you emails or letters sometimes.

+ What is a sub-account?

With a "sub-account", you can submit wines on behalf of another main account. For example: a small producer (sub-account) registers wines in the name of his importer (main account). During the submission of the wines you can always decide who will receive (and pay) the invoice.

+ How do I request a sub-account?

To request a sub-account just login and click on the tab "Accounts" at the left side panel. Then click on the button "request a new sub-account" and enter the name of the master account you would like to be linked to. After you send the request, we will connect you to the desired account.