Frequently asked questions

We are at your service

+ It seems like the registration is correct. When can I send the bottles?

You can always check the deadlines in your user account and also in our website. We recommend to send the samples as soon as you can.

+ Where must I send the samples?

Our address is:

DWM - Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH 
– (corresponding) Wine Trophy – 
Am Borsigturm 1 
13507 Berlin 

If you would like to send directly to Asia Wine Trophy:

Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise 
– Asia Wine Trophy – 
480, Daedeok-daero
Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

If you would like to send directly to Portugal Wine Trophy:

– Portugal Wine Trophy – 
Museu do Vinho Bairrada 
Av. Eng. Tavares da Silva 
3780-203 Anadia 

+ How many bottles should I send?

According to our rules, we need 4 bottles (at least 0.5 litres, lower capacity bottles please send 6).

+ I have clicked YES on the Asia Wine Trophy offer. Do I have to send more bottles?

Yes. We need 6 additional bottles from each wine registered also for Asia Wine Trophy. In other words, 4 bottles for Berlin/Portugla Wine Trophy + 6 bottles for Asia Wine Trophy (10 bottles in total).

+ Can I send my wines in pallets?

Yes, you can send pallets but they cannot be wider than 80 cm (EuroPal).

IMPORTANT: the truck must have a loading lift as we DON'T have an electric pallet stacker.

+ Any other special considerations?

Please write the name of the corresponding Trophy outside the package and introduce the "sample pass" inside.

+ Where can I print the sample pass?

You can print the sample pass directly at the screen right after saving your submission. Otherwise you can just login, click on the "Wine Registration" tab at the left panel and then "Show current submissions". You will see a printer-like icon next to each submitted wine.

+ What if some bottles break during the shipping?

We highly recommend to follow packing instructions of your shipping company. But if something happens, we will contact you to find the best solution.