Golden League

The results for 2015

Top products from top producers

The Golden League is the premier class of wine producers. The one to win this highlight of the DWM competition undoubtedly ranks among the world's most successful wine producers. For you, this means: With a Golden League winner, you hold the unofficial world cup of the wine industry in your hands – and are guaranteed to enjoy outstanding wines.

The Golden League 2015 winners


  • until 10 ha: Reis- feine Weine!
  • until 20 ha: Cisterzienser Weingut Michel GbR
  • until 30 ha: Weingut Bärenhof
  • until 40 ha: Weingut Keringer, Massiv Wine GmbH
  • until 50 ha: Azienda Agricola Roberto Sarotto
  • until 100 ha: Cottini SPA
  • until 250 ha: Gebrüder Anselman GmbH
  • until 500 ha: Felix Solís Avantis, S.A.
  • over 500 ha: Nosio SPA


  • until 500 ha: DIVINO Nordheim Thüngersheim eG
  • over 500 ha: Majuelos de España, S.C.

Sparkling wines, Champagne Producers:

  • until 50 ha: SMW - Saar Mosel Winzersekt GmbH