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OIV International Organisation for Vine and Wine

OIV is the most significant organisation in the field of wine growing around the world. That is why a large amount of information is available on the international website for our interested readers. Among other things, of course, visitors will find the international guidelines for conducting competitions, the latest version of which was passed in June 2009 and which will take effect as of 1 January 2010.

OIV guidelines



In order to accomplish its vision, OIV creates an environment that supports scientific and technical innovation, the distribution of the findings acquired as a result and further enhancements to the international wine grower sector. Based on its recommendations as well as international standards and guidelines, it promotes the harmonization and the exchange of information and knowledge built on a scientifically sound foundation with the objective of improving productivity, product safety and quality as well as the market conditions of wine growing products.

The “International Organisation for Vine and Wine” (OIV), which took up the position from the International Office for Vine and Wine, was established by treaty dated 3 April 2001.

The OIV is an intergovernmental organisation with a scientific and technical focus and a recognised authority in the field of vine, wine, wine-based beverages, table grapes, raisins and other vine products.
The general assembly made up of delegates nominated by the organisation’s members, is the OIV plenary board. It may delegate some of its tasks to the executive committee, which consists of one delegate for each member.
Resolutions are typically made with the general consensus of the general assembly while working under the assumption of general, scientific, technical, economic and legal proposals for resolution as well as the establishment or dissolution of commissions and subcommissions. This applies by the same token to the executive committee when executing its authority in this field.
The members of OIV are either sovereign states or otherwise international intergovernmental organisations. OIV has 44 members and three observer states.

General Information


Member States:

Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Germany, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, FYROM former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Moldavia, Montenegro, Norway, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Austria, Peru, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Sweden Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Uruguay, Cypress.

Observer States:

Bolivia, Tunisia, Ukraine
Observers also belong to OIV. Observers may be sovereign states, a sovereign territory or a group of sovereign territories belonging to a state, which is not a member of OIV, as well as international, non-governmental organisations, which express an interest in vine and wine.

Standard for International Wine Competitions OIV

The current standard for international wine competitions (Oeno 2/94) was established in July 2009 by the 74th General Assembly of the OIV. It replaced the rules for international wine competitions previously adopted in 1975.

This work developed by the OIV expert task force on wine competitions in cooperation with the Union Internationale des Œnologues enabled the creation of standards which set the terms for organising international competitions and allowing results to be compared on an equitable basis.

In the European Union, the allocation of awards in competitions "in accordance with rules respectively recognized or laid down by the Commission, the Member States concerned or the International Vine and Wine Office" (Directive 3201/90 of 16 October 1990, Article 15(3)).

The approval of international competitions by the OIV is therefore governed by this standard. The General Director of the OIV is entitled to direct and carry out all necessary measures and is responsible for examining the applications of competitions to be held under the patronage of the OIV.

This new standard is expected by wine experts to allow the quality of their products to be recognised. Consumers also expect from this standard that the information provided by awards at competitions is guaranteed. The standard will thus contribute to the enrichment of the wine culture. Here you will find the international standards for wine tastings to document the perfection which competitions taking place under the patronage of the OIV are expected to uphold.

To monitor these standards, an official observer of the OIV will be sent to the tasting to document and evaluate each step of the tasting process. If these standards are violated, the observer is entitled to suspend the tasting or, in cases of gross violations, the organiser might be excluded from OIV patronage in the following year.

Only two competitions in Germany and only 19 around the world have submitted themselves to this exacting standard. This standard ensures the participants in these events the highest certainty of an objective evaluation of their product and it ensures consumers that a wine that wins a prize from an OIV competition lives up to that honour.

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