Asia Wine Trophy 2016

The gateway to the wine market in Asia

Asia Wine Trophy 2016

With over 3,900 tasted wines, the Asia Wine Trophy 2015 became the most important wine competition in Asia in its third year. Judges from all the main importing countries of Asia were present, who termed the quality and implementation unmatched in Asia. Hence the interest in Asia is growing more and more.

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Berliner Wein Trophy 2016

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Berliner Wein Trophy 2016 - Summer Edition

In 1994, with only 180 wines, held the first Berliner Wein Trophy during the Berlin Wine Show, supervised by the Berlin Wine Authority. Nowadays, the BWT is the largest competition under the patronage of the OIV and considered one of the most important wine contests worldwide.

Berliner Wein Trophy celebrates its 20th anniversary setting every year new standards with more than 10,000 submissions (in both summer and winter editions).

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Portugal Wine Trophy 2016

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Portugal Wine Trophy 2016 - the 3rd edition

In the third edition of Portugal Wine Trophy 1,763 wines were tasted and punctuated. The quality of the samples, according to the expert jury members, was really high. In the end, 9 wines won the Grand Gold medal, 272 Gold and 242 Silver.

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Berliner Wein Trophy 2016

Germany's biggest wine competition

Berliner Wein Trophy 2016 exceeds all expectations

About 5.785 still wines, sparkling wines and liquor wines were submitted to the Berliner Wein Trophy 2016 (winter edition). 185 Jury members were tasting the wine samples for 4 days, under the strict OIV rules.

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Golden League 2015

The League of wine Champions


The highest endowed wine award worldwide,  with over € 250,000.00

With the Golden League, DWM 2014 has introduced an additional award for the submitters of the various trophies, which is only reserved to the producers. In order to offer opportunities to the smaller producers to position themselves in addition to the big players based on their quality, different categories have been introduced here that were formed on the basis of the company size. Companies that buy additional quantities of wine or grapes and market them under their own label are classified according to the total amount produced. This leads to an objective comparison of each company with other companies of its size.

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Asia Wine Trophy 2015       

The gateway to the wine market in Asia

Asia Wine Trophy 2015

The Asia Wine Trophy 2015, with 3920 registered wines from 29 different countries, is the largest competition in Asia. The 136 international judges have awarded a total of 1173 wines, 21 Grand Gold medals, 720 Gold medals and 432 Silver medals.

Detailed results via a filter function

All results of the Asia Wine Trophy 2015 can be found on our results page. Simply select the desired parameters such as growing region, grape type or medal finish and find your desired wine.

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